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-= News for April, 1st 2019: Drop Factor V2 - Survival Mode added =-

I have updated V2 with Survival mode. I am working on Power mode next.

Power mode will have some all new powers like Chameleon, Scrutinize, as well as bringing over some old ones from Chain Factor like Transmute, and Cull.

-= News for March 18th, 2019: Drop Factor Testing needed! =-

Would you like to test my game project, Drop Factor? Feel free to play the old version, and the current new version that I am working on. What is Drop Factor? It's a fan game project of the original flash game called Chain Factor, and its mobile clone, Drop7. This project is being made in GameMaker:Studio and will be ported to HTML5 so people can play it in web browsers.

Click here to play the OLD version of Drop Factor. It's still pretty spiffy.

Click here to play Drop Factor V2. It's being re-coded to be amazing!

Currently, Drop Factor V2 has two modes of play available. I hope to get more game modes done before enabling the ability to save scores/data.

Like what you see? Send me feedback! My Drop Factor reddit post