Drop Factor - Beta
POWER MODE IS STILL WIP: While Power Mode can be played, many of the powers currently do not work and therefore, cannot be activated.
The following powers are available and do work: Tripler, Erode, Postpone, Lure, Thrive, Solar, Redeem, Reveal, Tilt.
Update: Erode effect changed to be simple. Also level up sound effect made simple too.
Please be patient. The game is loading. It just takes a moment.
Sound not playing or game not loading? Try restarting/refreshing your web browser.
Please note the following game modes are available at this time: Classic, Survival, Hardcore. Trying to play any other mode just refreshes the game select screen.
The game does not currently save data of any kind right now. This will be allowed once I get the game more in a completed state.